Prioritizing in the Busy Seasons of Our Lives – Ask Pastor Tim

In the busy seasons of our lives, we have to prioritize on how we use our time. There are seasons in all of our lives in which we will have more time than others to read and pray. Life looks different for each Christian. We must not fall into condemnation if we are not doing what we cannot do; we must do what we can do at that season in our life.

Original question:
Dear Pastor Tim,
I don’t have one specific question for you. It’s more of a situation that my husband and I are just really becoming very discouraged by. We’ve been Christians for about seven years. We’ve seen God work so much in our lives and has brought us through many difficult times. We made many financial mistakes in our early twenties that we are paying for now. My husband works 50+ hours per week and we are paycheck to paycheck. I stay at home with our three boys (ages two and 7-month-old twins who were born 11 weeks premature and have some extra needs). We are struggling both with time and money. Soon my husband may need to get a second job.

I spend the entire day bouncing back and forth between different kids’ needs, trying (and often failing) at minimally keeping up with the house, laundry, and cooking. But the biggest problem here is that we have less and less time for prayer, reading the Word, going to Bible studies, evangelism, our marriage, etc. We’ve cut out all luxuries like television, going out to dinner, and other things for both time and money. We’ve been praying for a very long time for help in paying off debt and for an income source for my husband that doesn’t require quite so much time away from home at both the job and the drive-time.

While in all other areas that we’ve prayed for we have felt His presence and have seen answers in one way or another, this is one area that we just feel He is quiet. I struggle with praying for issues related to money because I spent years in a megachurch that focused too much on the money, in addition to other major flaws, so I am very apprehensive in praying for this area of our lives. We don’t want our prayers answered so we can add luxuries back into our lives. We see how God is using this time to strip us of things that have brought sin into our lives or hindered our walk with Him. We just want more time to spend with God, to grow spiritually, to grow in our marriage, and to be able to pour into our children. Right now I just feel like we are simply existing.

We use the time we have to put a sermon on in the background while taking care of the kids, and my husband uses his drive-time and his lunch hour to pray, but we don’t have the time to cry out to Him for all that we need to pray for, for our family, for church needs, for this nation, for our missionaries, for our children’s salvation, and to be spending uninterrupted time learning and memorizing His word. We just need some encouragement, direction, and prayer. I want to be sure that I understand the differences in His word about praying for spiritual, supernatural needs verses praying for temporary, earthly issues.

I’ve listened to sermons and read about prayer many times, but I want to be sure to be praying for these things in a way that is honoring to God.

Thank you.

Prioritizing in the Busy Seasons of Our Lives